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National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) VIC, NSW

Accreditation has evolved as a formal process for recognising operators who have good safety and other management systems in place.

What is NHVAS?

An alternative compliance scheme

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) seeks to provide transport operators with a voluntary means of demonstrating compliance with aspects of road transport law and in return, accredited operators are subjected to less conventional enforcement.

It is also increasingly being used to show compliance with the chain of responsibility and duty of care requirements.

How do you become accredited with NHVAS?

To become accredited under NHVAS, operators must be able to provide documentary and auditable evidence that they are complying with the standards. Accredited operators need to:

  • develop an in-house assurance system;
  • document the procedures that staff must follow to achieve compliance;
  • produce (and keep for audit) sets of documents that prove compliance; and
  • undergo independent audits from time to time.

When an operator has developed an assurance system it must be subjected to a System Accreditation Audit.

If the result is successful, the operator is accredited, and the vehicles and drivers are identified to show this.

Subsequently, Compliance Audits are required before accreditation is renewed.

What is involved with accreditation?

At present, there are four modules for which accreditation can be granted:

  1. Mass Management
  2. Maintenance Management
  3. Fatigue Management
    • Basic fatigue management
    • Advanced fatigue management

How we can help
here at JMH

JMH Training & Compliance has the experience to guide you through the implementation and accreditation process of all NHVAS Schemes.

JMH will provide

  • a comprehensive Policy & Procedures Manual,
  • induction training for all persons that will operate under or administer the documentation and Internal Review process and
  • assist with the smooth transition into the Accreditation Scheme/s.

In addition to this we will provide on-going support for the accreditation administration staff when required to conduct Internal Reviews or Quarterly Compliance Review process.

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