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NHVAS Mass Management Accreditation VIC, NSW – JMH Training

This encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for loading their trucks correctly and ensuring their trucks are not overloaded.

The Benefits

Helps operators manage their business more efficiently

Mass Management Accreditation allows this as a result of the clear procedures in place that ensure vehicles are not overloaded, and so there can also be a reduced risk of penalties arising from mass offences. It will also lead to greater road safety.

Additional concessions available

Accredited operators in the Mass Management module can access additional mass concessions.

These concessions allow a vehicle to operate at Concessional Mass Limits (CML) for general access to the road network.

You can also apply to operate at Higher Mass Limits (HML) for specific routes if you meet additional operating conditions.

Mass Management benefits

To operators

These can include:

  • improvements in productivity and efficiency
  • correct loading of vehicles the first time with consequent savings
  • increased vehicle life and lower maintenance cost
  • meeting duty of care responsibilities
  • improved driver morale
  • better relationships with enforcement agencies
  • reduced impact of enforcement

To the community

Mass Management’s benefits include better and more consistent compliance with road safety standards by heavy vehicle operators and preservation of the road asset.

Your responsibilities

Know your truck’s weight

If you are an accredited operator, you must know what your trucks weigh when they are loaded to ensure they do not exceed the relevant mass limits.

Record loaded weight

You need to keep a record of the loaded weight for each trip so you can prove the trucks were within relevant mass limits.

Prove loaded weight

It is up to you to decide how you are going to prove your vehicles’ weight when they are loaded.

You could use a weighbridge, on-board scales, estimate the weight from the volume of the load, or a combination of methods.

The important thing is that you write down the method you use and explain how it works. This will be your Mass Management System.

To stay accredited you need to have documents which prove your method works and your trucks are not overloaded. In part, this means keeping your records of vehicle weights. You must also be able to prove you always follow your written procedures.


Accredited operators are audited periodically by independent auditors to make sure they are continuing to meet the Standards required by the Accreditation Program.

If your audit is successful, your accreditation will be renewed. Alternatively, you may be asked to improve your methods in some way before your accreditation is renewed.

It is important to remember that even if you are an accredited operator you are still subject to the law and can be audited or inspected at any time in order to make sure that you are conforming to the performance Standards.

Your vehicles’ accreditation stickers will identify them to enforcement officers.

Performance standards

Performance Standards have been developed to ensure everyone in the scheme has achieved the same standard of compliance.

Your Mass Management System must comply with these Standards, which are explained later in this Guide.

How we can help
here at JMH

JMH Training & Compliance has the experience to guide you through the implementation and accreditation process of all NHVAS Schemes.

JMH will provide

  • a comprehensive Policy & Procedures Manual,
  • induction training for all persons that will operate under or administer the documentation and Internal Review process and
  • assist with the smooth transition into the Accreditation Scheme/s.

In addition to this we will provide on-going support for the accreditation administration staff when required to conduct Internal Reviews or Quarterly Compliance Review process.

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