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NHVAS Fatigue Management VIC, NSW, WA | BFM Accreditation

There are two types of fatigue management to know – Basic Fatigue Management and Advanced Fatigue Management.

Basic Fatigue Management

Allow flexibility, safety, and efficiency in your business operations

Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) accreditation offers more flexible hours and retains the ability to work 14 hour shifts.

BFM gives operators a greater say in when they can work and rest providing the risks of working long and night hours are properly managed.

Advanced Fatigue Management

Brings a genuine risk management approach to managing fatigue

Rather than prescribing work and rest hours, Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) offers more flexible hours than Standard Hours or BFM in return for the operator demonstrating greater accountability for managing fatigue risks.

Under AFM, drivers may be allowed to split their continuous rest break for more flexibility.

Additional requirements for
Fatigue Management

It is a requirement of both the Basic Fatigue Management and Advanced Fatigue Management that:

  • drivers are medically fit to drive and have had the appropriate periodic medical assessment
  • drivers and schedulers must undergo training and obtain the appropriate statement of attainment from a registered training organisation

In addition, all AFM applications must be accompanied by a fatigue expert report.

How we can help
here at JMH

JMH Training & Compliance has the experience to guide you through the implementation and accreditation process of all NHVAS Schemes.

JMH will provide

  • a comprehensive Policy & Procedures Manual,
  • induction training for all persons that will operate under or administer the documentation and Internal Review process and
  • assist with the smooth transition into the Accreditation Scheme/s.

In addition to this we will provide on-going support for the accreditation administration staff when required to conduct Internal Reviews or Quarterly Compliance Review process.

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