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Changes to NHVAS
Business Rules and Standards

The NHVAS Business Rules and Standards outlines the entry and participation requirements for eligible operators of heavy vehicles
wishing to take part in the NHVAS.

The Business Rules and Standards

Provides a detailed framework for NHVAS governance and administration

The Business Rules and Standards also sets out key policies and procedures for interactions between key parties. The Business Rules and Standards are used by the NHVR, as well as any person who offers management, consultant or audit services to operators working in the heavy vehicle industry.

The Rules and Standards outline general requirements for operators to enter the NHVAS, as well as the requirements for the Risk Classification System (RCS) matrix, accreditation information and participant obligations, as well as auditing and performance monitoring and how to maintain accreditation under the scheme.

Standards for maintenance management, mass management and fatigue management are also outlined in the Business Rules and Standards, and include detailed criteria that operators must be able to demonstrate to satisfy the standard.

Transition to new business rules and standards

The new Business Rules and Standards were the result of extensive review and consultation conducted over the course of two years by the NHVS.

The new Business Rules and Standards encourage more purposeful alignment with Safety Management System principles as well adding clarifications to avoid misunderstandings, a reduction of red tape, and refinements that aim to create a more seamless transactional environment for participants in the NHVAS. They also enable operators to better meet their obligations under Chain of Responsibility laws.

The new Business Rules and Standards came into effect on 22 February 2021, and apply to any new NHVAS participants.

Existing NHVAS participants have one accreditation cycle to transition into the new Business Rules and Standards.

Changes to the business rules and standards

The revised NHVAS Business Rules and Standards encourage better alignment with Safety Management System principles, and provide clarification for existing rules and standards to better avoid misunderstandings within the heavy vehicle industry.

Business rules – what’s new?

A summary of the key amendments to the Business Rules as listed on includes:

  • The registration status for nominated vehicles being clarified – all vehicles must now be registered to be nominated
  • Assessment criteria being added for an NHVAS applicant to be deemed as ‘Fit and Proper’ to participate in the scheme.
  • The introduction of a minimum six-month timeframe to reapply after an accreditation has been refused or cancelled
  • Criteria being added for participants wishing to gain the maximum three years accreditation
  • A requirement for operators to report a significant crash or incident as a ‘notifiable occurrence’
  • The right of owners of subcontractor vehicles to remove vehicles from accreditation
  • Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) Business Rules and Standards now being included as part of a single document covering all modules
  • References to Fatigue Expert Reference Group (FERG) being replaced with advice from jurisdictions and third parties
  • FERG requirements being replaced with the ability for the NHVR to now seek external specialist advice.

Standards – what’s new?

Key changes to the Standards include:

  • Vehicles being declared ‘safe’ not ‘roadworthy’ after the maintenance daily check
  • Tow couplings needing to be checked daily
  • Vehicles now needing to be inspected by a qualified person annually
  • A register of HVNL-related infringements and defects needing to be kept
  • Vehicles nominated for mass management loaded mass to be verified twice per year
  • The same seven standards now being used for Advanced Fatigue Management and Basic Fatigue Management
  • Ensuring the ‘vehicle as a workplace’ meets with workplace safety legislation (i.e., fatigue modules)
  • The Vehicle Statement of Compliance no longer needing to be carried in the vehicle.

What do you need to do?

If you are an operator submitting a new application for accreditation under NHVAS after 22 February 2021, you will need to meet all aspects of the amended Business Rules and Standards.

Existing NHVAS participants from before 22 February 2021 can continue to operate under the old Business Rules and Standards while they move over to the new Business Rules and Standards.

If you are and existing accredited operator – you’ll need to:

  • Get up to speed with the new requirements
  • Review and update your policies and procedures where needed
  • Educate your staff about any of the changes that impact them or their role
  • Implement the changes made to your management system within the next accreditation cycle

The NHVR have a series of helpful fact sheets and videos available from to help you transition to the new Business Rules and Standards, or give Jodie a call on 0427 860 226 or email for assistance or advice.

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Changes to NHVAS Business Rules and Standards


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